Can Too Much Whitening Damage Teeth


Who doesn’t want a brighter smile? When patients whiten their teeth with both professional and over-the-counter products, they may actually be darkening the teeth instead.

In fact, too much bleaching can cause damage to the teeth, eroding enamel and increasing overall sensitivity. It’s best to avoid “bleaching” one’s teeth altogether.

Dr. Steve Dove, DDS suggests either staying with professional whitening or over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

What are the Effects of Over-Whitening Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening treatment is perfectly safe. But as with most things in life, overdoing it leads to negative outcomes. Excessive teeth whitening can damage teeth.

Darker Colored Teeth

Whitening your teeth with bleach actually causes the opposite effect: a dark, dull hue rather than a sparkling white gleam.

Increased Gum Sensitivity

Teeth whitening processes often use peroxide, which enhances tooth and gum sensitivity. This effect disappears once use stops.

Erosion of Enamel

Enamel is the protective barrier for teeth. Bleach will destroy enamel. And if that wears down, the tooth can wear down too, which might lead to more serious, long-lasting conditions like tooth decay and fracturing.

Alternative Teeth Whitening Options

  • Over-the-counter bleaching products
  • In-office bleaching from a dental provider
  • Teeth whitening trays to use at home
  • Stain-removal toothpastes

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