How Our Dental Staff Uses a Dental Saliva Ejector for Your Mouth

dentist hold a saliva ejector in front of patient's mouth

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In today’s post, we explain how our dental staff uses a saliva ejector or dental oral suction device for your mouth. 

What is a Saliva Ejector or Dental Oral Suction Device? 

Saliva ejectors are a commonly-used dental tool applied in most dental procedures, from general cleanings to fillings and crowns. They’re designed to quickly suction air and saliva out of a patient’s mouth through a thin straw-like tube, with a soft rubber tip. 

The first and most obvious reason that oral suction devices are used is to prevent you from drooling all over yourself. But there’s more to it than that. 

Why Do Dentists Use Oral Suction Devices?

Dentists use a dental suction tool to keep their patients’ teeth and mouth dry while making it easier to perform dental services without distraction or obstruction. 

  • Prevents saliva buildup: A dry mouth makes it easier for dental bonding to occur, often required for crowns or porcelain veneers. 
  • Prevents the patient from choking: Objects in the mouth cause more saliva to generate and bring a fear of choking, which a suction tool alleviates.
  • Protects the airway from obstruction: If a patient is sedated for a procedure, saliva ejectors keep the airway open.  
  • Removes aerosolized viruses and germs: These arise from fast-moving tools like dental polishers. Suction tools can sanitize the mouth for treatment. 

Benefits of Using a Dental Suction Device

It keeps the patient comfortable while undergoing dental treatment and makes it easier for the doctor or hygienist to accurately perform their job. 

The dentist doesn’t need a free hand to worry about using one. It can be inserted at the side of a patient’s mouth to consistently suction out liquid. 

Drawbacks of a Saliva Ejector 

Although the risk associated with dental oral suction devices is low, it’s important that saliva ejectors be used effectively. At Northside Dental, we ensure they are. 

According to Today’s RDH (an organization for registered dental hygienists), these tools can be subject to backflow when used incorrectly or without risk-mitigating, built-in technologies: 

  • A patient’s lips close down too hard on the suction tool 

  • It’s put too close to the cheek or under the tongue (blocking the vacuum pressure)

  • Kinks or blocks in the suction device’s tubing (when placed above a patient’s head)

  • A saliva ejector is used at the same time as a high-volume vacuum device

How Does Our Dental Clinic Use a Dental Saliva Ejector? 

At Northside Dental Clinic, patient safety is our priority. We clean, sanitize, and flush the vacuum lines after every patient. We also utilize the latest and most up-to-date tools, including latex-free saliva ejectors and high-volume ejector products. 

Our saliva ejectors have built-in, anti-retraction devices and a one-way valve that eliminates the risk of backflow yet doesn’t interrupt the capability of the suction device to take out moisture from the mouth. We also offer single-use suction devices.

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