5 Signs You Have Healthy Gums and Teeth.

close-up photo of a person with healthy gums and teeth smiling.

We all aim to have a beautiful, healthy smile. When we look out for our oral health, many people quickly look for signs of neglect. 

However, there are also several signs to look for that indicate you have healthy gums and teeth. 

Northside Dental Clinic in Springfield, Missouri, shares 5 signs that show you have excellent oral hygiene.

You Don’t Have Bad Breath

We’ve all had bad-smelling breath before. However, your breath after eating food with garlic is not the same as chronic bad breath. 

Having bad breath can indicate a more significant oral health issue. A persistent problem of bad breath is caused when bacteria covers the inside of a mouth.

Further bad breath can indicate periodontal disease, better known as gum disease. When plaque isn’t managed through regular brushing, mouthwash, flossing, and dentist appointments, it can eventually form tartar. 

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Once tartar builds up, it can lead to more significant problems like enamel loss and cavities. 

Smoking is another cause of gum disease. When people smoke often, especially over a long period, their immune system weakens, opening them to disease. 

You See No Signs of Discoloration 

One of the most apparent signs of healthy teeth and gums is a lack of tooth decay if your teeth are even-colored and solid! 

However, discolorations with brown colors, pockets, or holes in the tooth’s surface can mean the tooth is deteriorating. If gone untreated, these issues can lead to tooth loss. 

Signs of tooth decay include pain or sensitivity. 

Tooth sensitivity and pain can result from various dental problems, including cavities, worn-down enamels, chipping, or damaged fillings. 

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Your Smile is Cavity-Free

A cavity is a small hole or opening that develops in your tooth. Cavities can be caused by consuming excessive sugary snacks or drinks, not cleaning your teeth regularly, and plaque buildup.   

Signs you may have a cavity include:

  • Frequent toothaches, 
  • Pain when chewing or using your teeth,
  • Pockets or discoloration in your teeth.

If you suspect you have a cavity, you should immediately see your dentist. If left untreated for too long, the tooth may need removal. 

You Have Solid Teeth

We can all remember a time when we had wiggly teeth. As an adult, though, a loose tooth is cause for concern. 

Your adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so if you notice a tooth is shifting, it’s time to see a dentist.

You Don’t Bleed After Brushing or Flossing

When you brush or floss, do you commonly bleed? Healthy teeth and gums should not bleed after caring for them. 

Sometimes bleeding after routinely brushing your teeth can indicate a bigger issue. 

Pay attention to this issue, but don’t immediately panic. Sometimes this can be a simple fix resolved by: 

How Can I Keep My Smile Healthy? 

Even a healthy smile should be cared for with routine visits to your dentist’s office twice a year. 

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