How Invisalign Works

Invisalign is a modern treatment that slowly straightens your teeth over time. Orthodontists use Invisalign as an alternative to braces, which can be expensive, cumbersome, and hard to handle. In today’s blog from Northside Dental Clinic, we explain how Invisalign works.

Clear Plastic Trays

Invisalign utilizes clear plastic trays that you wear every day. These trays are invisible, and people hardly notice you’re wearing them. Hence the name. Rather than metal braces that stay on your teeth for up to two years, we replace these trays over time to gently move your teeth into alignment. When you look at the tray, it should appear as if you have a clear set of plastic teeth.

Customized to You

Every plastic tray we create is customized to your teeth and your smile because everyone’s mouth is different. We take scans and molds of your teeth for precision and accuracy. Then, the orthodontist uses computer technology to show how we move your teeth gradually with Invisalign.

Gradual Movement

Your teeth move about 0.25 millimeters with each tray. Imagine a line on a piece of paper made with a fine-tip pen or sharpened pencil. That’s about how much your teeth move every two weeks. Invisalign is a gradual process because if your teeth move any faster, it will be painful. Plus, your jaw needs time to get used to the new placement of your teeth.

New Trays

You receive new trays about every two weeks. Each subsequent tray may look very similar to the previous one, but there are subtle differences that gently nudge your teeth into new positions. By the time your treatment is over, you have a brand-new smile!

Timing of Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign treatments average around 12 months. Some may be quicker, while others may last longer. That’s because every patient we see is different. The orthodontists at Northside Dental Clinic can give you a detailed analysis of your smile, calculate how long your treatment should take, and even show you the possibilities based on how your teeth would move over time. 

Invisalign & Northside Dental Clinic

Invisalign can help you get a winning smile, but also so much more. Straight teeth improve your bite, reduce jaw pain, make chewing easier, and prevent problems from occurring later in life. Contact Northside Dental Clinic or call (417) 862-2468 about Invisalign for teens or adults.