Northside Dental Clinic’s Guide to Sensitive Teeth

Close-up of young woman in pain from tooth sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are a common problem we see at Northside Dental Clinic. You might notice discomfort in your teeth when eating ice cream, or you might feel pain when brushing or flossing. In today’s blog from Northside Dental Clinic, we present our guide to sensitive teeth.

What Are the Symptoms of Sensitive Teeth?

You may notice pain that makes you wince when you consume hot or cold drinks, or you might have pain when brushing or flossing. The pain is usually temporary, and it may go away once the item causing the pain disappears. Take note of where and when the pain occurs, and the team at Northside Dental Clinic can take a look at your unique situation.

What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Tooth decay and wear represent the main causes of sensitive teeth. That’s because the hot or cold liquids seep into the inner layer of your teeth, called dentin. Dentin has small tubules that reach the nerves deeper in your teeth. The nerves detect the sudden temperature change and cause the pain you feel. Mild sensitivity may come from small amounts of decay, while more pronounced tooth decay could lead to stronger pain.

How Can Northside Dental Clinic Treat Sensitive Teeth? 

There are simple ways to treat sensitive teeth. You can simply avoid the causes of the sensitivity, such as hot or cold liquids. Toothpaste designed to block sensation from traveling from the surface of your teeth to the nerve can help prevent the pain. 

Northside Dental Clinic can recommend treatments to help with tooth sensitivity. We may apply fluoride gel or desensitizing agents to the sensitive parts of the tooth. Our team might suggest a filling, crown, or inlay for your sensitive tooth. We’ll make these treatments as comfortable as possible.

Northside Dental Clinic for Crowns and Fillings

The team at Northside Dental Clinic can help you with tooth sensitivity, whether you need a cleaning or crown. We’ll answer all of your questions! Contact Northside Dental Clinic online or call (417) 862-2468 for details or an appointment.