Are Floss Picks Better Than Traditional Dental Floss?

Toothbrushes, floss picks, and dental floss

Dental floss is a vital part of your oral hygiene routine. Floss gets rid of food in between your teeth. This process is important because food in between teeth is hard to remove with brushing alone, and food buildup can cause tooth decay due to bacteria.

Floss picks represent a convenient product to use as an alternative to traditional products. But are floss picks better than traditional dental floss? Northside Dental Clinic answers.

Easier to Handle

Oral hygiene companies tout the ease of use of floss picks versus traditional dental floss. You don’t have to twirl the floss around two fingers, reposition your hands as you work towards the back, or re-string the floss if it comes undone. For people with arthritis or mobility issues, floss picks are much easier to use. You can also reach your back teeth easier with floss picks.

Dual Purpose

Floss picks have two purposes. One end has a small piece of floss between two thin pieces of plastic. The other end is similar to a toothpick with a curved, slightly pointed edge. You can remove larger pieces of food with the pick end, just don’t use the pick end to get in between teeth.

Redistributing Bacteria

Using the same section of floss over and over again on a floss pick means you redistribute bacteria throughout your mouth. Ordinary dental floss lets you change the section of floss you use in your teeth.

However, there is a way to mitigate bacteria on your floss pick. Brush your teeth directly after flossing. Rather than brushing first and then flossing, floss first and then brush. The fluoride in your toothpaste protects your teeth against bacteria in your mouth.

More Waste

If you’re environmentally conscious, floss picks create more plastic waste in landfills compared to traditional dental floss. A bag of floss picks contains a larger volume of products. You can purchase eco-friendly floss picks or even reusable varieties. There are eco-friendly dental floss products, too.

More Expensive

Floss picks are generally more expensive compared to dental floss. That’s because they’re made of more materials. A long string of floss might last you several months in a compact container. Floss picks could last 30 to 60 days, depending on the number of floss picks and how often you floss.

Are floss picks better than traditional dental floss?

Floss picks accomplish the same basic task as dental floss: removing food from between teeth. Floss picks are also easier to use. Feel free to use floss picks or traditional dental floss for your daily oral hygiene regimen. The American Dental Association recommends using either tool for your teeth.

General Tips for Floss Picks and Dental Floss

Wash your hands before using dental floss or floss picks. You don’t want to add more germs to your mouth!

Floss before brushing. Use dental floss first, then brush. That removes as much bacteria as possible.

Rinse before brushing. Once you’re done flossing, rinse your mouth to remove all the bits of food. Less food in your mouth leads to more effective brushing.

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