Dental Filling Versus Extraction: Which Is Better for You?

Young woman in chair receiving a dental filling

Dental fillings and extractions are two ways a dentist can treat cavities and tooth decay. Northside Dental Clinic can handle both of these situations. Our dentists will work with you to determine which path is the best way forward. Today’s blog explains the choice between a dental filling and an extraction, so you can consider which one is right for you.

Benefits of Saving Your Tooth

If at all possible, saving the tooth is the better option. Natural teeth are stronger, easier to care for, and function better than even the best dental implants or artificial teeth. Your teeth won’t shift if you can save the tooth, whereas your teeth may shift to fill in a gap left by an extraction. Dental fillings are one way to save a tooth.

If you’re trying to choose between the two options and wondering “which is more painful, a tooth extraction or a filling,” removing a tooth results in a longer period of discomfort compared to a filling procedure.  

What Dental Fillings Do

Dental fillings plug any decay or holes left from eroded enamel. They also protect the inside of your tooth. Modern composite materials offer the look and feel of enamel, without any discoloration or metallic properties. Fillings preserve your tooth and improve the overall life of your natural smile. 

The dentists at Northside Dental Clinic will explain exactly what getting a dental filling is like. We’ll make you as comfortable as possible with the process. There may be some scraping involved, but we’ll make sure you don’t feel any pain when getting a filling. We take precise measurements, match your tooth’s natural shape, and help you return your smile to its natural appearance. Getting a filling usually requires more than one office visit, but it saves your most natural smile!

When a Tooth Extraction Is More Appropriate

Tooth extraction is a more appropriate solution when chronic pain from the tooth makes it hard to function normally. The tooth might be too diseased, too weak, or too far decayed, so a filling won’t be able to make the tooth better. If a tooth is cracked below the gum line, an extraction may also be a wiser option. Rather than an extraction, a root canal might at least save the inner part of your tooth. The choice will depend on your unique situation.

During an extraction, our dentists apply a local anesthetic that numbs the tooth and other parts of your mouth. We’ll talk to you every step of the way, and you’ll always know what’s going on. After a gentle tug, the tooth comes out. Then you’ll need to bite down on a gauze pad until the bleeding stops. You should be good to return to normal activities within a few hours after an extraction.   

Northside Dental Clinic: Dental Fillings or Extractions

The caring dentists at Northside Dental Clinic will take care of you and your family, whether you require a dental filling or an extraction. We’ll put your mind at ease and make you as comfortable as possible. Contact Northside Dental Clinic today or call (417) 862-2468 for more details on our services.