Northside Dental Clinic Discusses Famous People With Dentures

People get dentures for a wide variety of reasons. Most commonly, it’s due to tooth loss over the years. However, famous people may get dentures simply because their natural teeth didn’t look the best and they wanted to maintain their winning smiles for the movie cameras. In today’s blog from Northside Dental Clinic, we take a look at famous people who have or had dentures at some point in their lives.

Jon Bon Jovi

‘80s rocker Jon Bon Jovi has maintained a winning smile over the years, but it’s no accident. He’s wearing a kind of dentures so his pearly whites always go with his youthful appearance and dashing good looks. Northside Dental can help you with a full or partial set of dentures depending on your needs. 

Ben Affleck

Academy Award-winning actor and director Ben Affleck wore a full set of dentures at one point in his career. Eventually, he switched to crowns or implants. There’s no doubt his smile is a large part of Affleck’s appeal. The dentists at Northside Dental Clinic have the expertise to help you achieve a better smile or bite with crowns and bridges.

Florence Henderson

The Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson wore dentures on a regular basis. Later in her career, she became a spokesperson for Polident, a brand of denture cleaner. The staff at Northside Dental will give you tips, tricks, and advice on how to clean your dentures for best results.

Clark Gable

Clark Gable’s beautiful smile was due to a full set of dentures. Unfortunately, the young man had a gum infection at age 32 that required his teeth to be removed. Clearly, his dentist knew how to create a winning smile from Gable’s set of dentures. We promise to make the best possible set of dentures or partials at Northside Dental.

Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson is an American supermodel who gained fame in the 1970s and 1980s as a fashion model. She also hosted four cycles of the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. Dickinson accidentally lost her dentures in 2011 while having lunch at a luxurious restaurant in Southampton called Sant Ambroeus. Talk to Northside Dental Clinic about tips and tricks to help you avoid misplacing your dentures.

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