The Truth Behind Dentures: How They Are Made

Dentist making dentures

Dentures are false teeth with flesh-colored acrylic bases that are designed to fit over your gums. They can be manufactured in full sets or as partials. Millions of Americans wear dentures, and, for many, they are a great alternative to dental implants.

If your dentist recommended dentures, it’s normal to have questions, such as how they are made and what process will ensure the perfect fit. At Northside Dental Clinic, we aim to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your dental health. To ease any concerns you may have, here is a step-by-step process of how dentures are made.

How Dentures Are Made

  1. Your dentist makes an impression of your upper and lower jaws by placing a thick paste in your mouth to create a mold. These impressions are used to make a plaster model of your mouth.
  2. Your dentist pours the impression into a stone that acts as a cast of your mouth.
  3. You try on different sets of dentures with your dentist to determine the size and colors that best suit you. Your dentist makes adjustments to your cast as needed.
  4. The cast of your mouth is sent off to the lab where a technician shapes and carves the wax to represent your gum line. The technician then attaches teeth made of acrylic resin to the wax and makes minor adjustments so they look realistic.
  5. The wax dentures are approved by you and your dentist before being sent back to the lab.
  6. Back at the lab, the dentures are placed in a holding device called a flask. The technician pours in more plaster and then places the flask in boiling water to melt away the wax.
  7. After rinsing off any leftover wax, the technician uses a liquid separator to prevent the acrylic from sticking to the plaster before injecting acrylic into the flask and curing it. This replaces the wax, which was just temporary.
  8. The technician carefully removes the plaster mold, trims any excess acrylic, and polishes the dentures with pumice.
  9. The dentures are sent back to your dentist where you finally get to try them on!

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