How to Care for Your Kid’s Teeth on a Camping Trip

Young girl brushing her teeth

Camping is always a great family activity for summertime. However, it can also become an excuse to slack off on oral care. At Northside Dental Clinic, we care about your oral hygiene and your overall well-being. We hope that you enjoy all the camping your summer has to offer and that you continue to care for your teeth and mouth in the process!

To help make your camping trip a roaring success, here are a few quick oral hygiene tips from the dental experts at Northside Dental.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Do your best to limit sugary snacks and drinks. It can be hard on vacation, and you may want to loosen up a bit, so your kids can enjoy a few special treats, but it’s best to do so in moderation. Just make sure to brush right after those s’mores and stick to water instead of juice, sweet tea, and other sugary beverages that can damage the enamel on your children’s teeth.

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Make Sure Your Child Drinks Lots Of Water

Speaking of water, drinking lots of it will wash away harmful bacteria that can cause cavities. It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated when outdoors during the summertime, but this is especially true if you want to focus on oral health. Remind your kids to take along their water bottles while exploring outside, so they can rinse their mouths between eating and snacks.

Stick To Your Normal Dental Care Routine

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to let oral hygiene fall to the wayside. Although a camping trip is an excellent opportunity to let the kids enjoy a less structured daily routine, going just one day without brushing in the morning and night can start bad habits. Instead of skipping it, make it a priority to remind kids to brush, floss, and maintain their everyday dental care routine as much as possible.

Leave No Trace Behind

Protect the local wildlife by cleaning up after yourself. Please don’t leave any dental floss or toothpaste behind, as it could be a danger to small animals that may try to eat it. One of the easiest ways to keep your campsite clean is to pack gallon-sized Ziploc bags and use them to store all used floss, tissues, and other oral care accessories until disposing of them safely into a dumpster. 

Need Cleaning Before Heading Out For Your Trip? Call Northside Dental Clinic

It’s a good idea to bring your kids in for a thorough dental cleaning at the start of summer. Call us at (417) 862-2468 to schedule your appointment at Northside Dental Clinic now and prepare for all the fun camping trips and vacations that summer will bring!